Site Information

Use of Site:  On the Home Page (captioned “Dave’s Travelogues”), each travelogue posted for the most recent trip is listed, with the latest entry on top.  Each entry starts with a header photo, an entry caption, and the start of the entry.  By clicking on the “read more” button, the entire entry will open, including all photos posted with the entry (normally at the bottom).  The photos can be viewed in a slideshow by clicking on any photo (not the header photo).  To view, or save to your computer, a full size image, double click any photo to open the slide show, then right click on the selected photo and click either “view” or “save”; use the back button to return to the slide show.  Photos may be individually downloaded if desired.  The entire travelogue entry, including photos, can be downloaded as a PDF file by clicking on the red PDF button at the bottom of the entry or at the right side of the entry.

On the Prior Travel Downloads page, prior trip travelogues are saved as PDF files; each file contains the full set of travelogues sent for that trip, together with pictures.  These may be viewed simply by clicking on the PDF button, which will open the file.  They also may be downloaded if desired.  The oldest trips, before I started adding photos (before I took a laptop to work on photos as I traveled), have not yet been posted; I expect to get to them in a few months, and intend to add photos to them even though they were not in the original posts.

On the Contact page, or by clicking on the “Leave a Reply” link at the top of each travelogue, you may leave a comment on the site; I have set it up so that the comment will not appear until I have seen it, so if I am not in a place to be able to check the site regularly, it may take some time.  Of course, if you just wish to contact me, it would be much faster to just send me an email.

The top header picture at the top of each page (the panoramic one) is one of a number of pictures, and will change randomly each time you visit the site, and each time you go to a different page.

At the bottom of the travelogue pages are links for various social media, which allows you to share the page with anyone you wish.  I don’t use any of the social media sites, so do not know how they work.

As I travel, I intend to add new travelogue entries every week or two; I will send notification emails with the link to everyone who has been on my travelogue email lists.  If you are not on the email list, and wish to be added to receive notifications of new posts, please email me at [email protected].

About Me:  Dave Cox retired from the full-time practice of tax law in 2000, and since then has been traveling the world about 6 months of each year.  When traveling, he has sent email travel reports, approximately weekly, to family and close friends.  Email has become less friendly for the dissemination of these reports, particularly with regard to included photos.  This website was created to publish current travelogues together with captioned photos.   Also included is an archival page which contains viewable and downloadable PDF copies of prior reports made since 2001.