Prior Travelogue Downloads

Copies of Prior Travelogues in Reverse Chronological Order, For Viewing or Download.
The pdf files contain all the written travelogues and any attached photos from each trip listed.  You may open the pdf and view it online, or download the entire pdf if you wish.  Some of the files are as large as 30 MBs.

23.  2013 USA-RV Part II, National Park Trip: 

Download (PDF, 10.72MB)

22. 2013 USA-RV Part I, National Park Trip: 

Download (PDF, 29.14MB)

21. 2012-13 Costa Rica & Panama: 

Download (PDF, 18.57MB)

20b. 2012 Spain:

Download (PDF, 9.83MB)

20a. 2012 Morocco:

Download (PDF, 7.58MB)

19. 2011 Ecuador:

Download (PDF, 10.79MB)

18. 2011 4 Corners:

Download (PDF, 12.91MB)

17.  2010 Guatemala Maya Archaeology;

Download (PDF, 4.39MB)

16.  2009 Baja Mx Trip: 

Download (PDF, 3.97MB)

14.  2007 Africa Trip: 

Download (PDF, 29.42MB)