Report on W. Yellowstone & Tetons, Wy., June 2, 2024

My last report from Gardiner promised more Grizzly photos; they are included below. The first mama bear is known as Obsidian because of her homebase near Obsidian Cliff. I spent 2 hours following her and her 3 second year cubs during a heavy snowstorm for some great photo opportunities. Another mama bear, known as ‘Snow’ … Click to View Photos & Read More →

 First Report from Yellowstone Nat Park, May 25, 2024

I last reported from Rock Springs in southern Wyoming. From there I traveled to Lander, checking out the Seedskadee National Wildlife Reserve, a wild portion of the upper Green River providing nesting spots for many birds including Trumpeter Swans. I got a fairly decent photo of a mating pair of Swainson’s Hawks, for me an … Click to View Photos & Read More →

Report from Canyon of Ancients, Glen Canyon, Capitol Reef & Arches Nat. Parks, Apr 13, 2024

Hello. From Northern Arizona I traveled first to Cortez in SW Colorado to spend time hiking in the Canyon of the Ancients and on the Mesa Verde top. After a week I moved on, driving through the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area for some photo ops along the Colorado River just below where it joins … Click to View Photos & Read More →

Report on Start of Road Trip – Tucson & Prescott, Az., Mar. 30, 2024

I have started another 3-month photographic road trip heading towards the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park. During my last couple of months in Tucson I took a few good wildlife photos at Whitewater Draw, southeast of Tucson and Sweetwater, northwest of Tucson – included below are photos of Sandhill Cranes, Ruddy Duck, a hard … Click to View Photos & Read More →

Reporting on Vigo & Ourense, Spain, Sept 26, 2023

From Santiago I traveled the short distance south to Vigo, a large fishing and cruise ship town on the Atlantic coast.  Beautiful panoramic views were available to those who climbed the steep hill crowned by the Castro Fort. My apartment was on the pedestrian street Rua Principe, the main elite shopping district, directly across from … Click to View Photos & Read More →

Travel Report from Madrid & Santiago de Compostela, Spain, Sept 15, 2023

My Spain trip started poorly, as have my last 3 international flights, with an early am notice that my AA flight Tucson to Dallas was delayed, putting at risk my international connection.  I rushed to the airport and managed to get the last seat on an earlier flight, necessitating exchanging a first-class ticket for a … Click to View Photos & Read More →

San Miguel de Allende, Mex., for Music Festival, Aug 1-20, 2023

After 2 years of Covid cancellations, and missing the 2022 season due to my retinal detachment emergency, I have made it to San Miguel this August for the annual Festival of Arts, with many classical chamber music concerts.  I spent the first night of the trip stranded in Phoenix, courtesy of American Airlines, which somehow … Click to View Photos & Read More →