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Report on Start of Road Trip – Tucson & Prescott, Az., Mar. 30, 2024

I have started another 3-month photographic road trip heading towards the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park. During my last couple of months in Tucson I took a few good wildlife photos at Whitewater Draw, southeast of Tucson and Sweetwater, northwest of Tucson – included below are photos of Sandhill Cranes, Ruddy Duck, a hard to spot Sora, Bobcat and Coopers Hawk.

My first stop of the trip was Prescott, a longtime favorite where I stayed again at the St Michael’s Hotel, a historic 4 story brick landmark on the corner of Whisky Row and Gurley Street. I spent late afternoons in Jersey Lilly’s bar, a 1900s former place-of-ill-repute, on its large balcony overlooking the Courthouse Square.  Dinner was spent twice in the Palace on Whiskey Row, a 19th century historic landmark considered one of the 10 greatest historic bars in the country – prior to the great 1900 fire it hosted the Earp brothers, Doc Holiday and Big-nose Kate.

Mornings I spent walking through Watson Riparian Reserve, trying (usually unsuccessfully) to get close shots of the rare and always-hiding Wood Ducks, and then continueing around Watson Lake which is often crowded with a number of species of ducks, cormorants and other birds. The photos below include the Wood Ducks, Ring-necked Ducks, an Anna’s Hummingbird and both the Double-crested Cormorant and much less common Neotropic Cormorant.

From Prescott I will drive up through Holbrook and the Petrified Forest National Park and on to Cortez, Colorado in the 4-Corners area. Later. Dave

Report from Canyon of Ancients, Glen Canyon, Capitol Reef & Arches Nat. Parks, Apr 13, 2024

Hello. From Northern Arizona I traveled first to Cortez in SW Colorado to spend time hiking in the Canyon of the Ancients and on the Mesa Verde top. After a week I moved on, driving through the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area for some photo ops along the Colorado River just below where it joins the Green River. From there I spent a number of days in Capitol Reef National Park for some new hiking destinations. Because the elevation of Torrey, the small Morman town at the park entrance, sits at almost 7,000 feet I found the early mornings still generally at freezing, but the mid-days were pleasant.

My hip replacement has functioned flawlessly for a year now, and I am back to finding my hiking limits (relatively short distances but including climbs) based partially on sore legs, but more than ever on soreness in the pads of my feet. I wear good hiking boots with inserts and medium heavy wool hiking socks, but I think I will need to find thicker cushioned inserts and socks for rocky terrain. On my slow progress toward Yellowstone, I currently am staying in Moab to do some short hikes in and around Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.

Below are a number of Colorado Plateau scenic and colorful panoramic photos from BLM’s Canyon of the Ancients (Puebloan Culture), Glen Canyon National Recreational Area and the Capitol Reef & Arches National Parks in the Four Corners area. Until later. Dave